Choosing furniture
for the living room
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Classic style is a sign of good taste
Stable wealth, and luxury. The hall, decorated in a similar way, is filled with strict and simple forms, exquisite details, pastel colors. Furniture for the living room is decorated with bronze or gilt, carved, enamel inserts.
Classic is characterized
By the execution of sofas, tables, chairs, walls from a variety of valuable natural wood. In addition, wood of different colors is used: walnut, cherry, Karelian birch. White living room furniture is a classic in the art of design. Elegant tables with curved legs, sofas and chairs with soft, rounded backs create a unique interior.
If you decide to create a living room in white colors, then it is desirable that the walls are very light. Incredibly soft and comfortable furniture for a living room in a classic style has its own characteristics. First of all, these are carved wide armrests, volumetric soft pillows. Various fabrics (velvet, jacquard, tapestry) or artificial and natural leather are used for upholstery. The most common and popular colors are cream, milk, sand, chocolate. Also, light shades of blue, red, green are used.
Creating a classic-style
Living room is not complete without modular furniture. Its main feature and advantage is that all components can be interchanged. Today, manufacturers create designs in accordance with modern concepts of functionality and compactness of furniture.
For example, a sofa can
Be transformed into a bed or disassembled into separate blocks. Experts believe that classic quality living room furniture will never go out of style. A well-chosen environment speaks of impeccable taste.
Certainly, this style is not suitable
For everyone, and not all people dream of seeing their living room like this, but luxurious and solid furniture will leave few people indifferent. The main thing is to make the right choice and highlight the accents. Italian furniture for the living room is a time-tested classic. She amazes with her sophistication and uniqueness. It will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of sophisticated design, give the house incredible color, make it recognizable and unforgettable.
You can be sure that despite the fact that such furniture for the living room is a classic (see the photo in this article), it will create an exclusive and unique interior in your room. Not surprisingly, since the middle of the last century, Italy has been a pioneer in designer fashion.
Classic interior of the living room has always been and will always be popular. But it should be remembered that the furniture in this case requires a large, bright room. The stools, Voltaire armchairs, poufs, placed in the corners of a forty-foot room, will look ridiculous and comical. In order for a classic interior to be harmonious, it is necessary that the area of ​​the room was at least larger than average, and the ceilings were much higher than the standard ones.
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